Published in ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 29, Issue 4, Article 86 (SIGGRAPH 2010 Papers)

Vector Solid Textures

comparison between vector solid textures and bitmap solid textures

Several vector solid textures rendered in real time. In each group, the upper inset shows a closer view while the lower inset is rendered using the bitmap solid texture from which the vector version is generated.


We introduce a compact random-access vector representation for solid textures made of intermixed regions with relatively smooth internal color variations. It is feature-preserving and resolution-independent. In this representation, a texture volume is divided into multiple regions. Region boundaries are implicitly defined using a signed distance function. Color variations within the regions are represented using compactly supported radial basis functions (RBFs). With a spatial indexing structure, such RBFs enable efficient color evaluation during real-time solid texture mapping. Effective techniques have been developed for generating such a vector representation from bitmap solid textures. Data structures and techniques have also been developed to compactly store region labels and distance values for efficient random access during boundary and color evaluation.


Vector Images, Solid Textures, Texture Synthesis



We would like to thank Johannes Kopf and colleagues for sharing their data, Yue Dong and Minmin Gong for providing helpful suggestions, and the anonymous SIGGRAPH reviewers for their insightful comments.