Published in Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 32, Number 7 (Pacific Graphics 2013)

Hair Interpolation for Portrait Morphing

hair interpolation results

Six input hair models (S0 - S5) and 22 new output models generated automatically using our N-way interpolation algorithm. Each output's position in the above layout reflects its relative weights for the corresponding input models.


In this paper we study the problem of hair interpolation: given two 3D hair models, we want to generate a sequence of intermediate hair models that transform from one input to another both smoothly and aesthetically pleasing. We propose an automatic method that efficiently calculates a many-to-many strand correspondence between two or more given hair models, taking into account the multi-scale clustering structure of hair. Experiments demonstrate that hair interpolation can be used for producing more vivid portrait morphing effects and enabling a novel example-based hair styling methodology, where a user can interactively create new hairstyles by continuously exploring a "style space" spanning multiple input hair models.


hair modeling, hair interpolation, image morphing



Single-View Hair Modeling for Portrait Manipulation