Published in ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 33, Issue 6 (SIGGRAPH Asia 2014)

Dynamic Hair Capture
using Spacetime Optimization

dynamic hair capture results

Our dynamic hair capture system is able to recover different motions of wavy hair driven by wind (middle) and head shaking (right). The captured hair model (right of each pair) faithfully reconstructs the geometry and dynamics of video frames (left of each pair).


Dynamic hair strands have complex structures and experience intricate collisions and occlusion, posing significant challenges for high-quality reconstruction of their motions. We present a comprehensive dynamic hair capture system for reconstructing realistic hair motions from multiple synchronized video sequences. To recover hair strands' temporal correspondence, we propose a motion-path analysis algorithm that can robustly track local hair motions in input videos. To ensure the spatial and temporal coherence of the dynamic capture, we formulate the global hair reconstruction as a spacetime optimization problem solved iteratively. Demonstrated using a range of real-world hairstyles driven by different wind conditions and head motions, our approach is able to reconstruct complex hair dynamics matching closely with video recordings both in terms of geometry and motion details.


image-based hair modeling, dynamic capture